Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Dubliner who is the CIA's go-to smart guy for cyber security tech start-ups

Meet the Dubliner who is the CIA's go-to smart guy for cyber security tech start-ups - "Paladin is focused on several aspects of cyber security, he says. "If you think about it, we've benefited enormously from the internet in a very short space of time, and as cyber security threats grow, we're only perhaps now realising the true cost of that. The Internet of Things brings a whole new set of security concerns, so that's one obvious area we're looking at. Blockchain - a system for permanently storing transaction records on networks of unrelated computers permanently and verifiably - is another area of interest, particularly for 'know your client' functions and how it may provide greater security for customers.

"Enterprise IT and its operation of secure transactions is another one. A key one is threat analysis - the use of data to understand what's going on that might threaten a company's IP and operations. It's about how data is analysed, used and protected; how do transactions take place, is it seamless and who is storing data. The final one is how secure information interfaces with genomic or gene sequencing in the diagnostics and therapeutics functions related to health.

 "What we know for certain is that there's a constantly evolving set of threats against our personal data and that of corporates and governments. The reaction to that is a set of innovations, we want to invest in that innovation and the market is large and growing. The threat faced by businesses is often existential. This isn't just an IT problem, it's one of which a CEO is now constantly aware."" 'via Blog this'

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