Sunday, 23 January 2011

Essex in springtime

Its really very warm here compared to North America or Northern Europe - I just got back from Montreal and New York, where it was -5 to -25 windchill, to the balmy 7-12 degrees of late winter in south-east England (the snow events in December were very out of character).
It may not be very sunny but that cloud blanket is warmish!
Wivenhoe House - the hotel at the top of campus named after Wivenhoe Park (the painting at top of blog is Constable's celebrated study of Wivenhoe Park, in the National Gallery in Washington D.C.)

The Ivor Crewe Lecture Theatre - state of the art theatre built 3 years ago - described rudely by Prince Charles as like a space invader dustbin crashed into the hillside! Named after our long-serving former Vice Chancellor

The library and pond - sensational views from the top floor

The campus from the southeast - top left is the library, centre at the top is Wivenhoe House, the entire right corner is the Olympic-upgraded sports facilities (and car parks), and the disk centre-top is the Ivor Crewe Theatre (the Law School is in the quad just below that).

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Happy New Year!

A reminder that the LL.M. has different blogs for the various courses, which are listed on the left side column. Also, do check some New Year's Internet law predictions from the Society for Computers and Law (mine is the first).