Thursday, 3 November 2016

Big data rights: Let’s get together - European Data protection Supervisor

Big data rights: Let’s get together: "The EU has the expertise and resources to support the development of the next generation of services, to shape the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, in a sustainable way that respects and reinforces the values expressed in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and which are shared - though expressed differently - around the world.  It was pointed out that the pioneers of the internet never intended such a concentration of personal information in a few hands.

The take-it-or leave-it approach to online terms and conditions is well past its sell-by date. Privacy policies, unfortunately, serve the controllers' interests rather than the individuals.

It’s time to redress the unfairness the black box phenomenon where companies aiming to know everything possible about the consumer shielding its own internal processes and decision making.  

The sad truth remains that the market isn’t delivering the privacy enhancing services which people are entitled to choose." 'via Blog this'

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