Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Belgium bans end-to-end encryption for VoIP · GitHub

Belgium bans end-to-end encryption for VoIP · GitHub: "Skype (a Microsoft subsidiary) has been fined 30.000 euro in Belgium, for not being able to provide information about conversations in a police investigation.

 Authorities demanded that Skype provide information about conversations between certain users, but the company said that this was a technical impossibility.

 Skype also felt that they were not bound by Belgian law, because their European headquarters are located in Luxembourg. The court disagreed, and De Standaard reports that they were fined 30.000 euro on Thursday.

The investigation took place in 2012. Skype was able to provide information about the users in question like e-mail addresses, history and IP addresses. However, they were unable to provide anything regarding the contents of conversations.

 According to the company, this was impossible because conversations are encrypted. Skype itself does not have access to their contents.

 According to the court, this is irrelevant. Because Skype is active on the Belgian market, it has to comply with local legislation that requires them to support wiretapping. "It was clear that there was no intention to cooperate with the investigation," writes the court in its verdict." 'via Blog this'

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