Friday, 7 October 2016


Professor Andrea Matwyshyn: The Internet of Bodies: introduces the (already happening) progression of the Internet of Things or “IoT” into the Internet of Bodies or “IoB”. It explains how IoB presents a “legacy code” problem – the need to combine the legal challenges of the Internet of Things with older doctrinal and theoretical legal battles.  This “legacy code” problem will present itself not only in scholars’ and lawmakers’ struggle to reconcile conflicting legal paradigms, but also in our norms and values as a society.  Unlike our experience with the Internet of Things, as human flesh becomes permanently entwined with and part of technological hardware, the process of social integration of IoB will be obviously disruptive to physical spaces. It will present a polarizing set of value-laden social and legal determinations about the human body.  It will also cause us to evolve the definition of what it means to be “human.”

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