Friday, 7 October 2016

European Court rules on open wifi – TechnoLlama

European Court rules on open wifi – TechnoLlama: "While the court considers that the concept of an ‘information society service’ covers any service normally provided for remuneration, ” it does not follow that a service of an economic nature performed free of charge may under no circumstances constitute an ‘information society service’’. This means that under some circumstances, free services could be considered as covered by the E-commerce, particularly because it is a promotional offer, the prize of the service is included in the price of the other goods sold.

 Secondly, the court decided that a service provider of an open wifi can be a mere conduit in the sense of the E-Commerce Directive.

 But the most eye-opening part of the ruling, and the one that has been criticised the most, is that the court seems to make it an obligation to protect open networks, as these can be used easily to infringe copyright. The court muses three possible measures to secure a network, namely, “examining all communications passing through an internet connection, terminating that connection or password-protecting it.” " 'via Blog this'

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