Saturday, 16 April 2016

We will look back at cyber-harassment as a disgrace – if we act now: Danielle Citron

We will look back at cyber-harassment as a disgrace – if we act now | Danielle Citron | Opinion | The Guardian: "Legal developments reflect a growing understanding of cyber-harassment’s harms. In the US, 27 states have criminalised revenge porn – also known as non-consensual pornography. California’s attorney general Kamala Harris created a first-of-its-kind online resource to train law enforcement about cyber-harassment. Her office successfully prosecuted revenge porn operators for soliciting the posting of nude photos and charging for their removal. Inspired by Harris, the Federal Trade Commission entered into a consent decree with a revenge porn operator for inducing the disclosure of confidential information for financial gain.

 In the UK, cyber-harassers have been held responsible for their destruction. There are now laws to bring to bear against online abuse. Prosecutions under the Malicious Communications Act have resulted in convictions, as in the case involving death threats tweeted at Caroline Criado-Perez. In April 2015, the UK criminalised revenge pornography. What the UK still needs is better training of law enforcement and perhaps some clarification of the laws already on the books rather than a new set of laws, as the Conservative MP Maria Miller suggested this week." 'via Blog this'

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