Wednesday, 13 April 2016

User:ClueBot NG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

User:ClueBot NG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"ClueBot-NG is not a person, it is an automatic robot that tries to detect vandalism and keep Wikipedia clean. A false positive is when an edit that is not vandalism is incorrectly classified as vandalism.

The bot is not biased against you, your edit, or your viewpoint (unless your edit is vandalism).

False positives are rare, but do occur. By handling false positives well without getting upset, you are helping this bot catch almost half of all vandalism on Wikipedia and keep the wiki clean for all of us.

False positives with ClueBot-NG are (essentially) inevitable. For it to be effective at catching a great deal of vandalism, a few constructive (or at least, well-intentioned) edits are caught. There are very few false positives, but they do happen.

If one of your edits is incorrectly identified as vandalism, simply redo your edit, remove the warning from your talk page, and if you wish, report the false positive. ClueBot-NG is not (yet) sentient — it is an automated robot, and if it incorrectly reverts your edit, it does not mean that your edit is bad, or even substandard — it's just a random error in the bot's classification, just like email spam filters sometimes incorrectly classify messages as spam." 'via Blog this'

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