Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Cyberleagle: Worldwide search de-indexing orders: Google v Equustek

Cyberleagle: Worldwide search de-indexing orders: Google v Equustek: "The path that led to the SCC judgment was factually convoluted and dominated by the behaviour of the underlying defendant. The central role played by the pre-existing, apparently worldwide, order requiring Datalink to cease doing business on the internet is striking. If for no other reason, the case may come to be seen as one very much on its own facts.

 Where an apparent bad actor thumbs its nose at the court’s authority it is perhaps unsurprising that if a well-resourced global intermediary is haled into court, apparently able to take steps to mitigate damage to the plaintiff at little inconvenience to itself, the tribunal may (if satisfied that it has the power) be inclined to enlist its assistance.

 Nevertheless if a future court should contemplate a similar order then a more detailed identification of the rights and interests involved, analysis of any territorial aspects of those rights and consideration of the freedom of speech rights of internet users separate from the sensibilities of states may be key to arriving at an appropriate outcome." 'via Blog this'

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