Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Privacy: MI5 staff repeatedly overrode data surveillance rules

MI5 staff repeatedly overrode data surveillance rules: "Documents reveal that security service investigators requested and authorised access of its database of bulk communications data verbally rather than in writing, overriding the agency’s own code of practice.

 MI5 reported the failure to the interception of communications commissioner, Stanley Burnton, in May 2016. He subsequently revealed there had been 210 “clear contraventions of the handling arrangements and the security service’s internal policies”.

 According to evidence given by an anonymous deputy director of MI5, staff generally filled in a form later, but admitted: “In a very small number of cases there is no record of written authorisation.”

 The evidence was disclosed at Privacy International’s hearing against the security and intelligence agencies at the investigatory powers tribunal in July 2016." 'via Blog this'

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