Monday, 2 May 2016

Leveraging Technology in Civil Justice ODR

Leveraging Technology in Civil Justice ODR: "it is preferable to involve key justice system administrators in the implementation of an ODR system. The creation of silos between an ODR implementation project team and the people who manage the existing system will create an endless number of reasons for the initiative to fail.

 Senior judges and justice officials can participate in project governance boards or advisory boards in a directive capacity or in a less formal consultative role. Judges and civil servants can also participate in workshops and specialized consultative working groups.

In addition to gaining a range of operational insights from these stakeholders, these efforts will also help 'normalize' new ideas and processes associated with ODR, foster greater knowledge of ODR and share the 'ownership' in the newly created system.

Wider acceptance and ownership should help to support a more successful system shift into a new era of technological acceptance that will be necessary to make civil justice ODR a reality. " 'via Blog this'

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