Monday, 8 February 2016

Cyberleagle: #IPBill Christmas Quiz

Cyberleagle: #IPBill Christmas Quiz: "[Updated 1 January 2016 with answers at foot of page]

Now that everyone has sent in their submissions to the Joint Parliamentary Committee scrutinising the draft Investigatory Powers Bill, here is a little Christmas quiz to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

For most of the questions you need only study the draft Bill. One requires the Explanatory Notes. For one other you have to go slightly further afield. Answers may be indeterminate.

  1. When is a person not a “person”?  
  2. What is an internet communications service?  
  3. How many times does ‘proportionate’ appear?  
  4. How does generation of data differ from obtaining data by generation?  
  5. What may identify an identifier?  
  6. When might you have to grapple with the meaning of meaning?  
  7. How many times is encryption mentioned?  
  8. Can general be specific?  
  9. Which two differently worded provisions describe the same thing?  
  10. When is data not itself?" 'via Blog this'

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