Thursday, 1 May 2014

EU General Court dismisses complaints about Microsoft's takeover of Skype

EU court dismisses complaints about sanctioning of Microsoft's takeover of Skype: "In its ruling the General Court said that the Commission was right to consider that there is a faster growing market for smartphones and tablets than there is for PCs and that the WLM had a "weak presence" on those non-PC platforms. It said the merged entity "faces strong competition" in the consumer video communications market as a whole from companies such as Apple and Google.
The General Court also upheld the Commission's view that Facebook would also be an "effective competitor" to Microsoft post its takeover of Skype. It also said that there are no "technical or economic constraints" preventing users of Skype or WLM from switching to other services should Microsoft decide to start charging for those services or stop innovating on communication services." 'via Blog this'

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