Wednesday, 12 February 2014

High Court Grants Judgement for libel defamation on Facebook

High Court Grants Judgement for libel defamation on Facebook: "Despite Ms Smith having a closed Facebook account and therefore not being visible to all account holders, the fact that her sister had reposted the comments on her wall and taking in to account the very concerning content, the High Court has granted Ms Walder a procedural judgment for libel in her favour following Ms. Smith’s failure to following the procedure of the High Court, namely replying to the claim form and particulars of claim in good time.

The damages for the libel are likely to be substantial and a High Court hearing has been set, in the Queen’s Bench Division, for the 11th February 2014 pertaining to the level of damages and costs that Ms Smith will be ordered to pay Ms. Walder for the libel.

As Ms Walder’s lawyers, we have, along with requesting the Court award Ms Walder damages and aggravated damages for libel defamation, also requested an injunction be granted against Ms Smith to prevent her from libelling Ms Walder in the future. " 'via Blog this'

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