Sunday, 17 October 2010

Guest speaker schedule 2011-12

Students are always welcome to suggest guest speakers - we regularly attract Internet regulation experts such as Dr Ian Brown from Oxford, Professor Chris Reed from QMUL and an Ofcom speaker.
We also have our external examiner, Professor Lillian Edwards, speaking in December 2010.
This is the 2008-9 schedule for reference.

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chris said...

Note our recent South African visitor:
'Sylvia Papadopoulos from the Department of Mercantile Law spent a week at the University of Essex 22-26 February 2010 to present two LLM lectures to the ITME LLM students. The lecture, presented in two parts, was entitled: The Fifa World Cup 2010 and E-Commerce: A South African Perspective.
The lectures detailed the dispute resolution mechanisms available for tourists to South Africa in the event that there is a contractual dispute for services provided, arising from an online booking through the Fifa website and affiliated Fifa accredited service providers. She also had the opportunity to attend some seminars on UK Telecoms Law.
Sylvia says 'it was a fantastic experience to lecture to students from all over the world (Turkey, Greece, Kenya and the UK) and to discuss their comparative experiences, and I found myself learning as much as I was teaching.'.